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April General Meeting – Bob Eslinger – Sketchup 102

Rick Anderson, Club vice-president, started the meeting at 7:00 pm.  He welcomed everyone and asked for those that were first time guests to introduce themselves.  There were 45 people in attendance at this month’s meeting. That number included five guests


Bob Eslinger gave Part two of his SketchUp presentation. In this session, Bob gave us a step by step practical demonstration of how the program is used.  He created a 3D drawing for building an end table. The steps included – Create table legs, aprons, mortise & tenons and table top.  This modeling computer program is used for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscaping, and civil and mechanical engineering. (https://www.sketchup.com/)  The SketchUp Make is a free downloadable version of the program.  There is also a more advanced version that you can buy.  There is a copy of the SketchUp Make in our club’s DVD Library. 

Business Meeting and Announcements

There are “Sign-up” sheets for the Monthly Shop Meets and Demonstration Meets located on the table opposite the Sign-In table. We still need people to sign up for these.


  • Demonstration Meet (Monday, April 17) is at John Philip’s shop – 660 Percheron Circle, Nokomis, FL at 7:00 pm. Building a “Lady desk” and how to make feet on table legs. Bring a chair.
  • Shop Meet (Monday, April 24) is at Mike Swart’s shop – 4311 Maygog Road, Sarasota, FL at 7:00 pm. Bring a chair.Scroll saw demonstrations (May15 and June 19) – at Terry Bair’s shop – 4844 Three Oak Blvd, Sarasota, FL at 7:00 pm.  He will demonstrate how to use and secure patterns, look at the different types of blades and how they are used and go over some cutting tips and techniques. Bring a chair.Reminder – Check out Advantage Lumber’s webpage by going to AdvantageLumber.com.  If you want, there is a place at the bottom of the page for comments and you can“Like” them on facebook.  We appreciate all that they do for our club.

    Free, used radial arm saw (1970s model): contact Jerry Schipano at 941-786-8409.

    Show and Tell:

    Joe Mathis – Raccoon in hollow tree (intarsia)

    Fred Damianos – Circles mirror frame (2X4), book ends

    Mike Swart – Bandsaw box (2X4)

    Marvin Stoltzfus – Segmented bowl w/painted flowers (2X4), baseball bat and ball w/stand containing Advantage Lumber logo

    John Philips – picture of gentleman from Croatia that visited John and who he showed how to use some of his shop tools.  Good way to encourage international relations.

    Steve Christoffers – wooden measuring tool.  Used to measure foot size for shoes.

    Terry Bair – Beanbag toss game (2X4)

    Marty Cole – Folding table

    Floyd Yoder – Box (2X4)

    Larry Simmons – Shaker box

    Greg Merithew – Checkers table w/checkers (2X4)

    Dennis Daudelin – Toy soldier & Mrs. Soldier (2X4)

    Reuel Detweiler – Deer intarsia (2X4)

In appreciation for all that Advantage Lumber does for the club, Marvin Stoltzfus turned a custom bat and ball with the Advantage Lumber logo on it in living color. He plans to present to Rob Pelc, the owner of Advantage Lumber. Thanks for doing that Marvin.

Quarterly Show & Tell drawing (Oct – Dec): Denny Wetter

Raffle: Randy Cooper and Ed Colombo

Drawing: Neil McCullough, Jim Roland, Rick Anderson and Mike Swart.

 Next Month’s Meeting – May 10, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber.   

Spring Picnic and 2×4 Contest 2017

Over 50 people attended the Spring Picnic. There was a LOT of good food at the picnic – pulled pork, chicken wings, salads, vegetables…and DESSERTS too.  We also had a lot of fun eating, visiting and enjoying the 2×4 contest entries.  

A total of 13 people entered the 2X4 contest. It was amazing to see all the wonderful things they could make with a simple 2X4. 

These are the entrants:

Terry Bair – Bean bag toss (alligator)            James Bassett – yellow chair

Fred Damianos – Circle frame w/mirror      Dennis Daudelin – Mr. Soldier & Sally

Reuel Detweiler – Deer intarsia                        Mike Dummitt – Picture frame

Neil McCullough – American flag intarsia    Greg Merithew – checkerboard table/checkers

John Peasley – Horse head intarsia                  John Philips – yellow table

Marvin Stoltzfus – Segmented bowl w/flowers    Mike Swart – bandsaw box w/flocking

Floyd Yoder – box

Congratulations go to the winners of this year’s contest: First Place – Marvin Stoltzfus, Second Place – Mike Swart and Third Place – Greg Merithew. 

A big THANK YOU goes to those who brought food, helped organize and set things up, and to the entrants of the 2X4 Contest.

Don’t wait …start making plans now for your entry into next year’s 2X4 contest!

March Shop Meet – Bob Eslinger

I was unable to make Bobs shop meet, so Thelma kindly took the pictures and provided the text; Thanks Thelma.

The picture of the machine is a planer on one side and a chop saw on the other.  A metal rod runs through the board they are mounted on so that it can flip over from one side to the other.  Bob made the cabinet as a way to conserve space.  His workbench is one he made and is the drawing we saw in the Sketchup program. His shop is well organized and neat as a pin. We also had some delicious homemade cake and cookies that Bob made.

The Woodworking Show AKA The Tool Show

Here is some photos of our booth, taken on Friday, at this years show:

March General Meeting – Bob Eslinger – Sketchup 101

There were 57 people in attendance at this month’s meeting. That number included nine guests.


Bob Eslinger gave a presentation, part one of a two-part series, on a software program called SketchUp. This 3D modeling computer program is for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscaping, and civil and mechanical engineering. (https://www.sketchup.com/)  Bob showed us some of the software’s components and discussed its capabilities for woodworkers. It has a toolbar and dropdown menus. One of the templates in the program is called woodworking. Since it is a 3D program, you can draw something and then rotate the object to see it from all sides. He showed us how to begin drawing an end table beginning with the table legs. Next week, in Part 2, he will demonstrate more of the practical application points of the program.   

Next month’s presentation will be SketchUp – Part 2 by Bob Eslinger.  

Business Meeting and Announcements

The “Sign-up” sheets were discussed and passed around for –

  • Spring Picnic & 2X4 Contest: April 9 (1 – 4 pm) at Rothenbach Park.
  • Monthly Shop Meets and Demonstration Meets.

Joe Mannke brought up some ideas that were discussed by the club’s Board of Directors at their last meeting. A couple of the items have already been implemented and some are still open for discussion.

  • Items that have already been implemented:
    • a “new member” application is now available for download on our club’s website (http://floridawoodworkers.com/)
    • (optional) placing club member’s photos with their names on the club’s membership list (only accessible by club members). This is optional and only with the club member’s permission.
  • Items still being discussed:
    • New member “Welcome” letter. A draft version has been created and will include the welcome letter and information about the club.
    • Welcome committee to welcome new club members and learn more about them and their interests in woodworking – composed of three people. One person to welcome the people in the south end of our area, one person for the middle and one person for the north end of our area.
    • Greeters to greet guests that visit our club meetings.

The Woodworking Tool Show (http://www.thewoodworkingshows.com/) is coming up at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa on March 17 -19, 2017.  Those working the show were given a work schedule and information page. 

Coming up:


  • Demonstration Meet (Monday, March 13) is at Larry Simmons’s shop – 1215 Manasota Beach Road, Englewood, FL at 7:00 pm. We’ll be making shaker oval boxes. Bring ear protection and a chair.
  • Shop Meet (Monday, March 20) is at Bob Eslinger’s shop – 6921 Conestoga Place, Bradenton, FL at 7:00 pm. Bring a chair.


2 X 4 Items were brought in by members from past 2X4 contests to show examples of what you can make with a construction grade 2X4.  We hope you’ve purchased your 2X4 and have an entry for this year’s contest. This is a FUN event for the whole family.  Call or e-mail Rick Anderson for more information and to sign-up to attend (ricklanderson09@gmail.com).

Show and Tell:

Al Bibbero – box   

Joe Mathis – fretwork lion cub

Denny Wetter – maple bowl

Fred Damianos – milk painted 2×4

Mike Swart – homemade jigs

Andy DiLorenzo – walnut bowl

Thelma Proctor – trivet & a pyrography rose picture

John Peasley – wolf (box)



Next Month’s Meeting – April 12, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber.   



February General Meeting – Ralph Bagnall, Scratch Stock

There were over 54 people in attendance at this month’s meeting. That number included 14 guests.

A big “Thank you” to Advantage Lumber for arranging this presentation, and for the refreshments. Grate sandwiches!

The presentation this evening is by Ralph Bagnall, of Consulting Woodworker.com, on “ Scratch Stock”.

A scratch stock is a woodworking tool used for applying small custom molding details and grooves to furniture and other wooden items.

Mr. Bagnall demonstrated how to make and use a scratch stock tool. He also explained where and how it can be used and provided a handout on “Scratch Stocks”.

His website is – www.consultingwoodworker.com. I videoed his presentation and I’ll send a link to it as soon as I finish editing it.

Business Meeting and Announcements
Several “Sign-up” sheets were discussed and passed around in relation to –
– Florida State Fair (Feb. 9-20, 2017) in Tampa.
– working the Wood Working Show in March 17-19 in Tampa (contact Terry Bair at 941-925-2242) – http://www.thewoodworkingshows.com/tampa.html
– Monthly Shop Meets and Demonstration Meets.
– Spring Picnic & 2X4 Contest – April 9, 2017 (1- 4 pm) at Rothenbach Park.
– John & Susan Darovec, Joe Mathis, Mike Dummett and John Philips made 85 Skimmer decoys (shorebirds) for Mote Marine Science Center.

We need our members’ support for these activities and events.

Next month’s meeting and presentation will be held at Advantage Lumber and the presentation will be by Bob Eslinger on how to use a software program called “Sketch Up”- Part 1 of a 2-part series.

February 20 (Monday): This month’s Shop Meet is at Terry Bair’s house – at 7:00 pm. Please bring a chair to sit on.

Show and Tell: Sorry about the bald heads in some of the pictures, they were shot at a distance with a zoom lens.
Joe Mathis – Lion intarsia
Terry Bair – toy wooden rockets
Reuel Detweiler – intarsia
John Philips – bowl/ carved horse’s head/ slim decoy profile
Larry Simmons – hand saw case
Fred Damianos – 3 kitchen utensils (wooden handles)
Denny Wetter – 4 bowls
Bob Eslinger – cutting board serving tray
Jerry Shipano – lap desk (1971)

Next Month’s Meeting – March 8, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber.

January Shop Meet – Jeremy Williams

A big crowd showed up  for  Jeremy’s shop  meet. It might be because he had some free tools to give away or it might be because we wanted to see what a dream shop  looks like. At any rate it was lots of fun, good company and some great eats. Jeremy talked a little about his shop, and tools and his latest project; a beautiful split top Rubo work bench with Benchcraft  vise hardware. He made it out of beach and cherry; it’s just too pretty to work on. His kids were great fun; they were in charge of selling off surplus tools, and they didn’t miss asking anybody. Hope you didn’t miss a fun time.IMG_2496 IMG_2507 IMG_2506 IMG_2505 IMG_2504 IMG_2503 IMG_2502 IMG_2500 IMG_2499

January General Meeting – Safety

There were over 56 people in attendance at this month’s meeting. That number included 42 club members as well as guests.
Scott Montgomery, with the Sarasota County Emergency Management Services, presented a program on the basics of First Aid. If you were working around your shop or home and an emergency occurred would you know what to do?  Mr. Montgomery said our safety is #1 and knowing what to do could save our life or the life of another person. He went over CHECK – CALL – CARE, survey the scene and check the victim, call 911 if it’s a life threatening situation and care for the victim (ask permission) to the level of your first aid training. If in doubt as to whether or not to call, call 911.

IMG_2446 IMG_2445

Business Meeting and Announcements
Our new club president is Joe Mannke. He said his goal for the year is to increase the club’s membership.

Several “Sign-up” sheets were discussed and passed around in relation to –
working the upcoming Florida State Fair in February 9-20 (need people on Sunday and Monday, Feb. 19 -20),
working the Wood Working Show in March 17-19 (contact Terry Bair at 941-925-2242) and
Monthly Shop Meets and Demonstration Meets.
We need our members’ support for these activities and events.

New Password for website – Our Club website is located at – http://floridawoodworkers.com.  Anyone can access the site, but only club members can access the membership list.  With a new Club president comes a new Membership list password.

Our Club has received several requests for people to do, or help with, woodworking projects.  Some recent examples –
Joe Mathis, with the help of John & Susan Darovec and John Philips, are making Skimmer decoys for Mote Marine Science Center.  They were asked to make about 85 decoys. Mote supplied the wood and will do the painting of the decoys. The decoys will be used to encourage shorebirds such as skimmers to stop and nest in areas that are safer nesting habitats.
John Philips is working with an individual that needed to have a table top built.

Upcoming Programs:
Bob Eslinger will demonstrate how to use a software program called “Sketch Up”.
Joe Mathis will demonstrate – Intarsia, how to do it.

January 23: This month’s Shop Meet is at Jeremy William’s house – 5971 River Forest Circle, Bradenton, FL at 7:00 pm.

Show and Tell:

IMG_2441 IMG_2489 IMG_2488 IMG_2487 IMG_2486 IMG_2485 IMG_2483 IMG_2482 IMG_2480 IMG_2478 IMG_2477 IMG_2474 IMG_2473 IMG_2472 IMG_2471 IMG_2470 IMG_2468 IMG_2467 IMG_2465 IMG_2464 IMG_2462 IMG_2460 IMG_2459 IMG_2458 IMG_2457 IMG_2456 IMG_2455 IMG_2454 IMG_2453 IMG_2452 IMG_2451 IMG_2449 IMG_2448 IMG_2447
Joe Mannke – Screen sifter
Joe Mathis – scrolled and carved fish plaque
Terry Bair – sled and noise maker
Rick Anderson – Draw knife case/ knife sharpener
Ed Colombo – Curved stuff
Reuel Detweiler – intarsia
Dennis Daudelin – belt buckles/ Star Trek emblem
John Philips – 3 bowls/ 4 piece set (vase, pie cutter)
Larry Simmons – Shaker box
Thelma Proctor – black walnut scrollsaw bowl
Andy DiLorenzo – Bowls (walnut & camphor & cedar/maple)
John Darovec – hall tree finial
Fred Damianos – vessels
Ed Fraser – tools, what is it?
John Peasley – intarsia “New Shoes”
Mike Swart – dust collector separator
Floyd Yoder – Planer base
Denny Wetter – Chalice
Mathew Wilburn – wooden box

Next Month’s Meeting – February 8, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber, but we will meet in a different building, the one next door to the main building.  The presentation will be by Ralph Bagnall, of Consulting Woodworker.com, on “Handtools and Scratch Stock”.

December General Meeting – Christmas Party

There were 58 people in attendance at the 2016 Holiday Party. That number includes club members and their spouses as well as guests.

Club members brought side dishes and desserts to share with the main course of turkey and ham.

 img_2375img_2374 img_2372


img_2385 img_2384 img_2383 img_2382 img_2381 img_2379 img_2378 img_2377

Club members also brought two handmade wood articles – one was used as gift give away to the ladies in the group and the second item as an auction item.

img_2386 img_2380img_2399 img_2398 img_2395 img_2393 img_2392 img_2391 img_2390 img_2389 img_2388 img_2387

Our auctioneer, Denny Wetter did his usual great job auctioning off items for the club. It was a wonderful evening of food, fellowship and fun.img_2401

Business Meeting and Announcements

John Darovec thanked people for their help with the club this past year and had this to say – “Thank you to the Board of Directors –

Founding Member Floyd Yoder for supplying historical perspective;

Treasurer John Philips for historical perspective and for handing our money in a way only he understands;      

Secretary Thelma Proctor for recording information our aging minds don’t remember;

Webmaster and electronics guru Larry Simmons for keeping us in the current century;

Past President Mike Swart for contributing to everything especially our understanding of open fire cooking; and

Vice-President Joe Mannke for handling our fun activities, like tonight.

Also, want to thank our perpetual volunteers –

John Slezak for handling our check-in desk, door prizes and raffles,

Terry Bair for handling our library and ensuring our annual presence at the Tampa Woodworkers Show, and

Tony D’Alberto for keeping us in high quality yet low cost clothes. A special thanks goes to the folks here at Advantage Lumber. I can’t imagine anything more that anyone could want in a place to meet.


TRANSITION – All the aforementioned will be returning to their positions next year.  The exceptions are:

Joe Mannke – Club President,

John Darovec – Past President,

Rick Anderson – Vice President.”


Upcoming Events:

There will be no December demonstration meet or Shop meet due to the holidays.

  • FL State Fair: February 9-20, 2017 (Need volunteers for the last weekend.)
  • Wood Working Show (FL State Fairgrounds): March 17-19, 2017 (Need volunteers.)
  • Picnic: April 2017 (Remember the 2X4 contest.)


The following people brought handmade items for giveaways and/or auction:

            Fred Damianos, John & Susan Darovec, John Slezak, John Philips, Terry Bair, Thelma Proctor, Denny Wetter, Larry Simmons, Floyd Yoder, Bob Eslinger, John Peasley, Marvin Stoltzfus, Dennis Daudelin, Mike Swart, Daryl Walters, Al Downs, Mike Dummett, Rick Anderson, Adam Ross, Neil McCullough, Reuel Detweiler, and Jerry Askins.


Next Month’s Meeting – January 11, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber.


Happy New Year!

November General Meeting – Hand and router cut dovetails

There were 43 members in attendance at the meeting on November9, 2016  and 10 guests (Alan Brown, Mike Christman, Bob Travers, Ken Ambrey, Ron Plank, Rosa Plank, Bryan O’Mchaney, Chip Bowlin, Betty Walters and Stan Nikkel) for a total of 53 people in attendance.


Club membersEd Columbo and John Slezak showed us how to cut and assemble dovetail joints.  Ed used hand tools to create a dovetail and then a half dovetail joint.  Then John used a router and metal jig to show us how to cut a dovetail and half dovetail.img_2305 img_2306 img_2307

Business Meeting and Announcements

Holiday Party/Meeting: December 14, 2016     A SIGN-UP sheet was passed around and members are asked to bring side dishes according to the beginning letter of their last name.  Joe Mannke is handling the details.  Members coming to the party are also asked to make two wood gifts to bring to party (do not wrap them). One gift will be used as a “spouses” gift and the other will be auctioned off.

Online Auction: Several tools had been donated to the club to be auctioned off.  Larry Simmons, the club Webmaster, listed the items and their pictures online and held an online auction that ended on November 8.  The club made $1,155 on the auction, the members got some good tools at a great price, and the lady donating the tools was glad to get them out of her deceased fathers garage so she could sell the house..

Need Club Vice-President: The Club is still looking for someone to volunteer to be this coming year’s Vice-President.  The Vice-President is also the President-elect for the next year.

A reminder –

  • Club DVD library – see Terry Bair if you would like to check out any how-to DVDs.
  • Club shirts for sale – see Tony DAlberto

Upcoming Events:

November demonstration Meet and Shop Meet:

Shop Meet: November 14 (7:00 p.m.) at John Philip’s place, 660 Percheron Circle, Nokomis, FL 34275. Topic – How to choose the wood for and set up a turning project.

Demonstration Meet: November 21 (7:00 p.m.) at Rick Borovicka’s place, see member list for location.

  • FL State Fair:February 9-20, 2017 (Need volunteers for the last weekend.)
  • Wood Working Show(FL State Fairgrounds): March 17-19, 2017 (Need volunteers.)
  • Picnic:April 2017 (Remember the 2X4 contest.)

A mahogany veneer headboard was donated to the club to be auctioned off.  There were no bids made at this time.

 Show & Tell

  Joe Mannke – An airplane propeller shaped key/ tie holder.

Denny Wetter – turned bowl

Fred Damianos – turned wood bowl

Terry Bair – 2 Cypress tables and scrollwork Christmas ornaments

Dennis Daudelin – Man jewelry (shark’s tooth and fish hook necklaces)

Steve Christoffers –Unusual brace (drill)

Thelma Proctor – black walnut table, woodburned owl and woodburned wolf

George Norton – Angle cutting jig

John Philips – rosewood bookends, turned rosewood bowl, turned dip bowl and turned segmented bowl

Joe Mathis – Intarsia Native American woman

Mike – carved elephants picture frame

img_2334 img_2308 img_2319 img_2320 img_2311 img_2312 img_2323 img_2324 img_2314 img_2317 img_2326 img_2332 img_2331 img_2330 img_2329

 Next Month’s Meeting/ Christmas Party– December 14, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber.

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