serving Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte counties

August 2017 – Jigs & Fixtures

There were 36 people present, 34 members and two first time guests (Jeff Futch and Gary Denton), at this month’s meeting.


“Jigs and Fixtures” – were presented by different club members.  A “jig” is a type of tool used to control the location or motion of another tool. A fixture is a support or work holding device used to hold work in place. The following jigs/fixtures were presented:

  • Rocking slab drill guide – John Slezak
  • Wide finger & socket jig – Joe Mannke
  • Pipe clamp prop, table saw Stops, skill saw cutting edge guide, credit card glue spreader, spline jig, mystery router table hold down – Terry Bair
  • Drill press angle cradle – Andy DiLorenzo
  • Table saw outfeed table with rollers – George Norton
  • Flat glue up jig – Marty Cole
  • Drill press vise clamp – Rick Anderson
  • Kreg jig all-in-one storage/holding box, sharpening kit – Alan Brown
  • Wood bending jig – Neil McCollough
  • Lathe steady rest jig – John Philips


“Ask the President” – President Joe Mannke gave club members an opportunity to ask him questions about the club.

  1. This year’s summer attendance seems like it is more than last year. Is this true?
    1. Yes, our summer attendance is greater this year than last. Our attendance increases even more during the winter months.
  2. How many members are in the club?
    1. Our club is approaching 90 members. My goal is for the club to have 100 members by the end of this year.


Business Meeting

Shop Meets & Demonstration Meets – People Needed: We are looking for people to sign up for Shop Meets and Demonstration Meets. Please contact Joe Mannke or Rick Anderson if you are interested.

 Shop Meet (August 21): Tony D’Alberto’s house, at 7:00 p.m. His address is – 6820 Anchor Way (in Gulf Gate), in Sarasota. Bring a chair.  

A reminder –

  • Happy Hour – 6 to 7 p.m. is a time to socialize and purchase that special piece of wood from Advantage Lumber.
  • Election of New Officers takes place in December. Two nominations have been received for the position of Vice-president – John Peasley and Jim Bassett. Still looking for nominations/volunteers for Club Secretary. Contact Joe Mannke, Club President, with your suggestions.

Next Month’s Presentation – Intarsia by Joe Mathis.  This will be a two-part series for September and October – Part 1 What is intarsia and some tricks and tips; Part 2 Creating intarsia works of art.  You won’t want to miss these fun and educational presentations!

Upcoming Events

  • December 13, 2017: Holiday Dinner Party/ Auction/ Voting on new Club officers. (Make 2 wood items to bring – one as gift and one for auction)
  • February 2018: FL State Fair (February 8-19, 2018) To enter an item in the “Woodworking” or “Fine Furniture” division of the Fair, Registration must be received by January 5, 2018.
  • Other upcoming events – Wood Working Show (March), Sarasota County Fair (March), Spring Picnic & 2X4 Contest (April)

Show and Tell:

James Bassett – Maple bent wood table

John Philips – Grandfather clock and showed book on “Jigs & Fixtures”

Terry Bair – 2 short cypress tables, small tray from scrap wood, scroll sawn cardinal ornament and scroll sawn cardinal plaque

Quarterly Show and Tell Drawing: Joe Mathis



July 2017 Shop Meet – John Philips

John talked about various things. He showed us about a  drum sander he has and  showed the good results he got with it. This sander can be used in place of a surface planer. but you can not remove much wood with each pass through the sander.
He  mentioned his Tormek sharpening machine and the cost. 
He also described his shop vac system and how much he liked it. The motor/saw dust collection portion is outside the shop because it is too noisy and takes up too much space. All his major power tools are connected to the vacuum system, and the system can be turned on automatically when you turn on the power to any machine. So you don’t have to turn on the vacuum and then go to the machine you want to use. You just turn on the tool you want to use and the vacuum system starts automatically.
Then he took us to see the grandfather clock he recently won in a club drawing.  He has installed the movement which was working and giving the right time, but he has not been able to get the chimes working yet. He  has a clock expert coming to help him with them. The two doors  are out having glass installed in them. After this work is done he will put the finish on it.
Next he took us inside his home and showed us the slant top desk he built using black walnut that he got from his son recently died. The desk had a slant top and when you opened it, there are little drawers and compartments inside.  It is a very impressive piece of work . He built it for his wife as a remembrance of their son. He built it with the help of Mike Dummett, another club member.
Next came the goodies,  two kinds of home made cookies as well as a cake. Very good stuff, all made by Fay.
Special thanks to Ed Goldberg for supplying me with this Information since I was unable to attend John’s meet.

July 2017 General Meeting – Sid Light – Mohawk Finishing

There were 32 people present, 28 members and four guests, at this month’s meeting.

Kim Jones, of Advantage Lumber, gave information on wood sale prices for this month. A handout listing the wood prices was provided.   


Sid Light, Sales Representative for Mohawk finishing products, gave a presentation on “Stains and Finishes”. He showed us examples of some stains and finishes and explained how they are applied. He also provided us with handouts about their products. Mohawk products can be purchased online, or locally at Sarasota Paint. For more information about their stains and finishes, go online to – www.mohawk-finishing.com

Business Meeting and Announcements

Demonstration Meet: Monday, July 17, at 7:00 p.m. – Tool Auction at Denny Wetter’s shop – 2306 141st Street East, Bradenton, FL. The balance of the Estate of a furniture builder and wood turner will be auctioned off. Some of the items that will be in the auction are – tools, hardware, Delta lathe, shelving and routers. Bring a chair.

Election of New Officers takes place in December. Two nominations have been received for the position of Vice-president – John Peasley and Jim Bassett. Still looking for nominations/volunteers for Club Secretary. Contact Joe Mannke, Club President, with your suggestions.

 Terry Bair made a presentation to Mike Swart of a scroll sawn armadillo. It was given in honor of Mike’s “armadillo stew”. 😊

Show and Tell:

John Philips – Lady’s desk made of black walnut

Terry Bair – two scroll sawn armadillos

Sid Mann – thin piece of western red cedar & picture of cedar lantern

Al Brown – band saw box with flocked drawers

Fred Damianos – Cuban mahogany turned bowl with lid

Mike Swart – side panel made of coffee wood

Barry Meyers – cutting board, tray and coasters

June 2017 General Meeting – Ed Colombo – Veneering

There were 37 members and one guest in attendance at this month’s meeting.

Jason Peters, of Advantage Lumber, offered club members a special price for tonight on selected species of wood. 


Ed Colombo, Club member, gave a presentation on “Veneering – Using Tools You Own”.  He demonstrated how to apply veneer using thermoplastic glue, Titebond II, and a household iron.

Business Meeting and Announcements

Demonstration Meet: Scroll Sawing – Part 2: Monday, June 19 at 7:00 p.m. at Terry Bair’s shop – 4844 Three Oak Blvd, Sarasota, FL. In part 2 of this two-part series on scroll sawing, Terry will demonstrate how to use and secure patterns and demonstrate some cutting techniques. Bring a chair.

Shop Meet: Monday, June 26 at 7:00 p.m. at John Peasley’s shop – 180 Deerfield Ave. NE, Port Charlotte, FL. Bring a chair.

Update on Welcome Committee – “Thank you” to Ed Goldberg, Al Brown, George Norton and Barry Taylor for volunteering to be on the Welcome Committee.  The Committee members’ job will be to contact and visit “new” club members, inform them about the club and its events, and learn a little about them and their wood working interests and needs.

Mentoring – “Thank you” to those that have volunteered to be mentors. Mentors can be paired up with current or new members that are interested in learning about or honing different types of woodworking skills.

 Facebook Page – our Club is in the process of looking into creating a Facebook page.  Stay tuned for more information.

 Trip to Woodcraft Store in St. Petersburg – Carpooling information and logistics to be determined at a later date.

 Election of New Officers takes place in December, so be thinking about who you would like to nominate (or if you would like to volunteer) for the two positions that will need to be voted on and filled at that time – Club Vice-President and Club Secretary.  Contact Joe Mannke, Club President, with your suggestions.

 Auction, Monday – July 17: Denny Wetter discussed an upcoming auction which will be for the balance of the Estate of a furniture builder and wood turner. Some of the items that will be in the auction are – tools, hardware, Delta lathe, shelving and routers.  Auction will be held Monday, July 17, at Denny’s home, in lieu of a July Demo Meet.

Next Month’s Presentation:  Mr. Sid Light, a representative of Mohawk Finishing will give a presentation on his company’s finishing products.


Show and Tell:

John Slezak – Drawer and frames

John Philips – carved cormorant

Terry Bair – Gorilla glue finish and Dog banks

Sid Mann – Phone charging station

Tim Sullivan – Cutting board

Bob Parrish – Gatling gun

Joe Mathis – Scrolled art

Jerry Schipano – Dipping quill and Bowl

Next Month’s Meeting – July 12, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber.   

May General Meeting – Scott McCartney Titebond Glue

There were 47 people in attendance at this month’s meeting. That number included six guests and our presenter.


Scott McCartney, of Franklin International, maker of Titebond Glue, gave a presentation about the Titebond products. Below are some examples of the Titebond products that he discussed.  

  • Titebond Original: It is the industry standard for general woodworking applications and it is sandable. Has a 4-6 minute open time.
  • Titebond Original Extend: It is a slower setting version of the original wood glue.
  • Titebond II Premium: #1 selling wood glue for exterior and interior use and it is water resistant. It does not sand well.
  • Titebond III Ultimate: Has superior strength for interior and exterior applications and it creates a waterproof bond.
  • Titebond Quick & Thick: This multi-surface interior glue doesn’t run, is 2X faster and 3X thicker than traditional glues, it dries clear and is paintable.

At the end of his presentation, Mr. McCartney gave samples of some of the Titebond products to Club members. You can find more information about Titebond products at – www.Titebond.com.


Presentation of Award

Club President Joe Mannke presented the Outstanding Member Award to John Slezak for his many contributions and continued support of the Florida West Coast Woodworkers Club.  The generous donation of his time and efforts are greatly appreciated. Congratulations John!


Business Meeting and Announcements

Tool Exchange

David James, with Advantage Lumber, announced that there will be a “Tool Exchange” event at their facility next Wednesday, May 17th, beginning at 4:30 pm.  This event is a joint endeavor with the Sarasota Wood Turners Club.  It will include a tour of the Advantage Lumber facilities, refreshments and the Tool Exchange. Advantage Lumber will also have special sales on different types of wood including Purpleheart and Zebrawood. He also asks that we visit FaceBook and “Like” them or leave a note.

Tom Falcone, President of the Sarasota Wood Turners, invites everyone to attend the Tool Exchange. They have been holding the Tool Exchange for a couple of years and people come from different areas of Florida from Central Florida to Ft. Myers.  He does ask, though, that we let him know if we are coming so that they can plan how many tables to set up for folks selling/ buying used tools and how much food to plan for refreshments.

Wood & Tool Show Coordinator needed. Terry Bair has done a great job for the past six plus years, coordinating our participation in the Wood & Tool Show held in Tampa each year, and now it is time for someone else to take a turn. Please contact our Club President, Joe Mannke, if you are interested in volunteering.

A reminder –

  • Club DVD library – see Terry Bair to check out any informational and/or how-to DVDs.
  • Club shirts for sale – see Tony D’Alberto

Club Board Meeting – Notes:

  • New Hour – Beginning with the May meeting, from 6:30 to 7:00 pm Club members can come together for 60 minutes before the meeting begins to socialize and/or look at and purchase wood. We are calling it “Happy Hour”
  • Welcome Letter – This will be sent to all “new” club members and will contain club information, what the club is about, events and club happenings.

 Welcome Committee – This committee will be comprised of 3 Club members -one for the south end of our area (Martin Cole), one for the North end of our area (Al Brown), and one for the Middle of our area (position still open and looking for a volunteer).  The Committee members’ job will be to contact and visit “new” club members, inform them about the club and its events, and learn a little about them and their wood working interests and needs.

  • Biography Letter – This will help us to get to know a little more about our Club members.
  • Mentoring – If there are members, both current and new, that would like to know more about a specific wood skill, they can be paired up with a member mentor to help them learn more about the skill.


  • Demonstration Meet (Monday, May 15 on Scroll sawing) at Terry Bair’s shop – 4844 Three Oak Blvd, Sarasota, FL at 7:00 pm. In this two-part series on scroll sawing, Terry will demonstrate how to use and secure patterns, look at the different types of blades and how they are used and go over some cutting tips and techniques. Bring a chair. Part 2 in this series will be held on June 19.
  • Shop Meet (Monday, May 22) is at Doug Farley’s shop at Hidden River near Myakka City – at 7:00 pm. Bring a chair. Look for more information on this in your e-mail.

 Show and Tell:

Joe Mathis – Eagle hunting (scroll saw)

Fred Damianos – Finials

Mike Swart – Charging station for phones

John Philips – pictures of his wooden bee hives and of the Lady’s black walnut desk that he is making.

Terry Bair – Big, big bowl

Mike Dummett – Picture frame

John Peasley – Panther (intarsia)

Sid Mann – Door mat (wood grid)


Quarterly Show & Tell drawing (Jan. – Mar.): Joe Mathis

Raffle: Tony Laughlin, Jason Owens and Al Bibbero

Drawing: Alan Brown, Bob Eslinger, Jim Roland, Floyd Yoder, Steven Wertheimer, Stan Nikkel and Daryl Walters.


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Next Month’s Meeting – June 14, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber.   

April General Meeting – Bob Eslinger – Sketchup 102

Rick Anderson, Club vice-president, started the meeting at 7:00 pm.  He welcomed everyone and asked for those that were first time guests to introduce themselves.  There were 45 people in attendance at this month’s meeting. That number included five guests


Bob Eslinger gave Part two of his SketchUp presentation. In this session, Bob gave us a step by step practical demonstration of how the program is used.  He created a 3D drawing for building an end table. The steps included – Create table legs, aprons, mortise & tenons and table top.  This modeling computer program is used for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscaping, and civil and mechanical engineering. (https://www.sketchup.com/)  The SketchUp Make is a free downloadable version of the program.  There is also a more advanced version that you can buy.  There is a copy of the SketchUp Make in our club’s DVD Library. 

Business Meeting and Announcements

There are “Sign-up” sheets for the Monthly Shop Meets and Demonstration Meets located on the table opposite the Sign-In table. We still need people to sign up for these.


  • Demonstration Meet (Monday, April 17) is at John Philip’s shop – 660 Percheron Circle, Nokomis, FL at 7:00 pm. Building a “Lady desk” and how to make feet on table legs. Bring a chair.
  • Shop Meet (Monday, April 24) is at Mike Swart’s shop – 4311 Maygog Road, Sarasota, FL at 7:00 pm. Bring a chair.Scroll saw demonstrations (May15 and June 19) – at Terry Bair’s shop – 4844 Three Oak Blvd, Sarasota, FL at 7:00 pm.  He will demonstrate how to use and secure patterns, look at the different types of blades and how they are used and go over some cutting tips and techniques. Bring a chair.Reminder – Check out Advantage Lumber’s webpage by going to AdvantageLumber.com.  If you want, there is a place at the bottom of the page for comments and you can“Like” them on facebook.  We appreciate all that they do for our club.

    Free, used radial arm saw (1970s model): contact Jerry Schipano at 941-786-8409.

    Show and Tell:

    Joe Mathis – Raccoon in hollow tree (intarsia)

    Fred Damianos – Circles mirror frame (2X4), book ends

    Mike Swart – Bandsaw box (2X4)

    Marvin Stoltzfus – Segmented bowl w/painted flowers (2X4), baseball bat and ball w/stand containing Advantage Lumber logo

    John Philips – picture of gentleman from Croatia that visited John and who he showed how to use some of his shop tools.  Good way to encourage international relations.

    Steve Christoffers – wooden measuring tool.  Used to measure foot size for shoes.

    Terry Bair – Beanbag toss game (2X4)

    Marty Cole – Folding table

    Floyd Yoder – Box (2X4)

    Larry Simmons – Shaker box

    Greg Merithew – Checkers table w/checkers (2X4)

    Dennis Daudelin – Toy soldier & Mrs. Soldier (2X4)

    Reuel Detweiler – Deer intarsia (2X4)

In appreciation for all that Advantage Lumber does for the club, Marvin Stoltzfus turned a custom bat and ball with the Advantage Lumber logo on it in living color. He plans to present to Rob Pelc, the owner of Advantage Lumber. Thanks for doing that Marvin.

Quarterly Show & Tell drawing (Oct – Dec): Denny Wetter

Raffle: Randy Cooper and Ed Colombo

Drawing: Neil McCullough, Jim Roland, Rick Anderson and Mike Swart.

 Next Month’s Meeting – May 10, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber.   

Spring Picnic and 2×4 Contest 2017

Over 50 people attended the Spring Picnic. There was a LOT of good food at the picnic – pulled pork, chicken wings, salads, vegetables…and DESSERTS too.  We also had a lot of fun eating, visiting and enjoying the 2×4 contest entries.  

A total of 13 people entered the 2X4 contest. It was amazing to see all the wonderful things they could make with a simple 2X4. 

These are the entrants:

Terry Bair – Bean bag toss (alligator)            James Bassett – yellow chair

Fred Damianos – Circle frame w/mirror      Dennis Daudelin – Mr. Soldier & Sally

Reuel Detweiler – Deer intarsia                        Mike Dummitt – Picture frame

Neil McCullough – American flag intarsia    Greg Merithew – checkerboard table/checkers

John Peasley – Horse head intarsia                  John Philips – yellow table

Marvin Stoltzfus – Segmented bowl w/flowers    Mike Swart – bandsaw box w/flocking

Floyd Yoder – box

Congratulations go to the winners of this year’s contest: First Place – Marvin Stoltzfus, Second Place – Mike Swart and Third Place – Greg Merithew. 

A big THANK YOU goes to those who brought food, helped organize and set things up, and to the entrants of the 2X4 Contest.

Don’t wait …start making plans now for your entry into next year’s 2X4 contest!

March Shop Meet – Bob Eslinger

I was unable to make Bobs shop meet, so Thelma kindly took the pictures and provided the text; Thanks Thelma.

The picture of the machine is a planer on one side and a chop saw on the other.  A metal rod runs through the board they are mounted on so that it can flip over from one side to the other.  Bob made the cabinet as a way to conserve space.  His workbench is one he made and is the drawing we saw in the Sketchup program. His shop is well organized and neat as a pin. We also had some delicious homemade cake and cookies that Bob made.

The Woodworking Show AKA The Tool Show

Here is some photos of our booth, taken on Friday, at this years show:

March General Meeting – Bob Eslinger – Sketchup 101

There were 57 people in attendance at this month’s meeting. That number included nine guests.


Bob Eslinger gave a presentation, part one of a two-part series, on a software program called SketchUp. This 3D modeling computer program is for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscaping, and civil and mechanical engineering. (https://www.sketchup.com/)  Bob showed us some of the software’s components and discussed its capabilities for woodworkers. It has a toolbar and dropdown menus. One of the templates in the program is called woodworking. Since it is a 3D program, you can draw something and then rotate the object to see it from all sides. He showed us how to begin drawing an end table beginning with the table legs. Next week, in Part 2, he will demonstrate more of the practical application points of the program.   

Next month’s presentation will be SketchUp – Part 2 by Bob Eslinger.  

Business Meeting and Announcements

The “Sign-up” sheets were discussed and passed around for –

  • Spring Picnic & 2X4 Contest: April 9 (1 – 4 pm) at Rothenbach Park.
  • Monthly Shop Meets and Demonstration Meets.

Joe Mannke brought up some ideas that were discussed by the club’s Board of Directors at their last meeting. A couple of the items have already been implemented and some are still open for discussion.

  • Items that have already been implemented:
    • a “new member” application is now available for download on our club’s website (http://floridawoodworkers.com/)
    • (optional) placing club member’s photos with their names on the club’s membership list (only accessible by club members). This is optional and only with the club member’s permission.
  • Items still being discussed:
    • New member “Welcome” letter. A draft version has been created and will include the welcome letter and information about the club.
    • Welcome committee to welcome new club members and learn more about them and their interests in woodworking – composed of three people. One person to welcome the people in the south end of our area, one person for the middle and one person for the north end of our area.
    • Greeters to greet guests that visit our club meetings.

The Woodworking Tool Show (http://www.thewoodworkingshows.com/) is coming up at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa on March 17 -19, 2017.  Those working the show were given a work schedule and information page. 

Coming up:


  • Demonstration Meet (Monday, March 13) is at Larry Simmons’s shop – 1215 Manasota Beach Road, Englewood, FL at 7:00 pm. We’ll be making shaker oval boxes. Bring ear protection and a chair.
  • Shop Meet (Monday, March 20) is at Bob Eslinger’s shop – 6921 Conestoga Place, Bradenton, FL at 7:00 pm. Bring a chair.


2 X 4 Items were brought in by members from past 2X4 contests to show examples of what you can make with a construction grade 2X4.  We hope you’ve purchased your 2X4 and have an entry for this year’s contest. This is a FUN event for the whole family.  Call or e-mail Rick Anderson for more information and to sign-up to attend (ricklanderson09@gmail.com).

Show and Tell:

Al Bibbero – box   

Joe Mathis – fretwork lion cub

Denny Wetter – maple bowl

Fred Damianos – milk painted 2×4

Mike Swart – homemade jigs

Andy DiLorenzo – walnut bowl

Thelma Proctor – trivet & a pyrography rose picture

John Peasley – wolf (box)



Next Month’s Meeting – April 12, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber.   



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