A Directory of Woodworking Tools and Supplies

Bits, Blades & Cutters

Amana Tool Corporation 800-445-0077800-445-0077     www.amanatool.com Industrial quality router and boring     bits, saw blades and dado blades
American Saw & Mfg. Co. 800-628-3030800-628-3030     www.lenoxsaw.com Lenox brand saw blades, hand tools and     power tool accessories
Avenger Products 702-293-7510702-293-7510 www.avengerproducts.com Producer of high quality circular saw     blades, dado sets and digital calipers
Charles G.G. Schmidt & Co. 800-724-6438800-724-6438     www.cggschmidt.com Sells router bits and saw blades, shaper     knives, cutters for molders, planers, routers and saws.
CMT USA, Inc. 888-268-2487888-268-2487     www.cmtusa.com Maker of top quality bits and saw blades     and dado sets.
Eagle America 800-872-2511800-872-2511     www.eagle-america.com Over 2500 items from American-made     router bits, to tools, accessories, plans and power tools.
Forrest Manufacturing Co. 866-398-9336866-398-9336     www.forrestblades.com Offers a full line of ultra high quality     saw blades and dado sets for stationary and benchtop saws.
Freud America, Inc. 800-334-4107800-334-4107     www.freudtools.com Offers a full line of router bits and     saw blades, dado set as well as portable power tools and accessories.
International Carbide & Engineering,     Inc. 800-424-3311800-424-3311     www.ice-va.com Designs and manufactures high-technology     cutting tools and super-abrasives.  Saw and tool sharpening.
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks 800-327-2520800-327-2520     www.lie-nielsen.com makers of high quality hand tools for     woodworking including, bench planes, hand saws and spoke shaves.
LRH Enterprises, Inc. 800-423-2544800-423-2544     www.lrhent.com Supplies custom, made-to-order cutters     and bits for detailing that can’t be found in catalogs.
MLCS 800-533-9298800-533-9298 www.mlcswoodworking.com MLCS offers a wide array of top quality     router bits and other accessories.
Oldham Saw 800-828-9000800-828-9000     www.oldham-usa.com Provides woodworkers with to quality saw     blades.
Olson Saw Company 203-792-8622203-792-8622     www.olsonsaw.com Manufactures of band saw and scroll saw     blades as well as handheld saw frames and blades.
Peerless Saw Co. 800-973-3753800-973-3753     www.peerlesssaw.com Provider of state-of-the-art, laser cut     saw blade bodies custom-made to exact specification.
Ridge Carbide Tool Co. 800-443-0992800-443-0992 www.ridgecarbidetool.com Manufactures custom-made router bits,     shaper cutters and molder knives for special jobs.
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware 800-279-4441800-279-4441     www.rockler.com Offers blades, bits, tools, accessories,     finishing supplies, lumber and specialized hardware.
Routerbits.com 888-811-7269888-811-7269     www.routerbits.com Sells Whiteside router bits, Fisch     Forstner bits, SystiMatic saw blades and Bench Dog products.
SystiMatic Co. 800-354-9872800-354-9872     www.iksinc.com Leading source of industrial machine     knives and saws in 60,000 styles.  Resharpening services.
Swan Saw Service, Inc. 800-782-3829800-782-3829     www.swansaw.com Sharpening service and distributor for     carbide-tipped saw blades, router bits and shaper knives.
Tyler Tool Company 800-222-8404800-222-8404     www.bark-king.com Large stock of grinding wheels, knives,     drills, files and saw blades.
Woodline USA 800-472-6950800-472-6950     www.woodbits.com Comprehensive line of router bits.  Web     site has tools tips, project ideas, and online ordering.

Stationary & Benchtop Tools

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Allred & Associates, Inc 315-252-2559315-252-2559     www.wood-carver.com Gemini Universal Carving Duplicator     carves complex shapes that require minor sanding.
Anton International, Inc. 707-473-0196707-473-0196     www.membranepress.biz Offers cost-effective Mercury vacuum     presses for veneering and bent laminations.
Blue Tornado Cyclones 800-292-0157800-292-0157 www.bluetornadocyclones.com Cyclone dust collection equipment is     designed to remove 99.7% of airborne wood dust.
Clayton Spindle Sanders 941-613-1017941-613-1017     www.cheyennesales.com American-made spindle sanders in various     sizes with Baldor motors and ground-steel tables.
Delmark Ltd. 248-669-2848248-669-2848     www.siegjig.com The Sieg Jig is compact, portable tool     for hinging virtually and door.
Delta Machinery Corp. 800-438-2486800-438-2486 www.deltawoodworking.com Offers full line or woodworking     machinery including Delta X5 series with five year warranties.
Diefenbach Benches 800-322-3624800-322-3624     www.workbenches.com Sells workbenches made of oiled European     red Beachwood.  Most have a tool trough.
Emerson Tool Company 314-553-2000314-553-2000 www.emersontoolcompany.com Manufactures of RIDGID wet/dry vacs, air     filtration equipment and humidifiers.
Fisch Precision Tools 724-663-9072724-663-9072 www.fisch-woodworking.com Fisch offers a comprehensive line of     woodworking machines, tools, bits and more.
General mfg. Co. Ltd. 800-428-9898800-428-9898     www.redmond-machinery.com/general.htm General Mfg. designs, produces or     imports a full line of woodworking machinery.
Grizzly Industrial, Inc. 800-523-4777800-523-4777     www.grizzly.com Direct sellers of high quality     woodworking and metalworking machinery and accessories.
JDS Company 800-480-7269800-480-7269     www.thejdscompany.com Home of JDS Air-Tech 2000 air filtration     systems, the Multi-Router, and Accu-Miter miter gauge.
Jet Equipment & Tools, Inc. 800-274-6848800-274-6848     www.jettools.com An industry leader of woodworking     machinery, accessories, abrasives, blades and more.
Kern Electronics and Lasers, Inc. 888-660-2755888-660-2755     www.kernlasers.com Industrial production laser cutting and     engraving systems.
Laguna Tools 800-234-1976800-234-1976     www.lagunatools.com Markets a full line of home shop and     industrial woodworking machinery and accessories.
Lobo Machine Corporation 592-949-3747     www.lobomachine.com Professional, top quality band saws,     compressors, boring machines, saws, sanders, tenoners and more.
Master Gage Corp. 888-893-8300888-893-8300     www.mastergage.com Designs and sells tools for aligning,     calibrating, tuning and troubleshooting woodworking tools.
Mini-Max 866-975-9663866-975-9663     www.minimax-usa.com Offers a full range of professional     woodshop machines including the Centauro line of band saws.
Multi-Carver 864-299-1070864-299-1070     www.multicarver.com Three-dimensional duplicators.
Oneida Air Systems 806-732-4065806-732-4065     www.oneida-air.com Offers innovative American-made dust     collection solutions for small to midsized shops.
Original Saw Company 800-733-4063800-733-4063     www.originalsaw.com Manufactures14″ and 16″ industrial     quality radial arm saws with 3.5 or 7.5 HP motors.
Palmgren 800-621-6145800-621-6145     www.palmgren.com Sells machine shop and general purpose     products and a new line of professional woodworking tools.
Phantom Engineering, Inc. 800-279-4570800-279-4570 www.legacywoodworking.com Create reeds, flutes, tapers, spirals,     turned beads, covers, mortises and much more in one workstation.
Powermatic 800-274-6848800-274-6848     www.wmhtoolgroup.com Offer a full line of industrial quality     woodworking machines including the Powermatic Model 66 table saw.
Pro-Tech 800-888-6603800-888-6603     www.protechpower.com Sells quality tools at “value prices”     including table saws, miter saws, band saws, drill presses and more.
RBI industries, Inc. 800-487-2623800-487-2623     www.rbiwoodtools.com Offers scroll saws, the Universal Wood     planing system, a raised panel door machine, router table and jointer.
Rikon Power Tools 877-884-2579877-884-2579     www.rikontools.com Maker of a complete line of woodshop     machine, power tools and do-it-yourself products.
Ryobi Technologies, Inc. 800-525-2579800-525-2579     www.ryobitools.com Sells a complete line of benchtop and     portable power tools exclusively at The Home Depot.
Safety Speed Cut Manufacturing, Inc. 800-772-2327800-772-2327 www.safetyspeedcut.com The PanelPro vertical panel saw allows     one person to make safe cuts of full-sized sheet materials.
Sand-Rite 800-521-2318800-521-2318     www.sand-rite.com The Sand-Rite Sander sands flat, round     and contoured shaped parts at production speeds.
SawStop 503-638-6201503-638-6201     www.sawstop.com SawStop table saws sense the difference     between wood and skin and stop the blade in milliseconds.
SawTrax Mfg. Co., Inc. 888-729-8729888-729-8729     www.sawtrax.com Makes low-cost, high quality panel saws     and mat cutters guaranteed never to go out of square.
ShopBot Tools 888-680-4466888-680-4466     www.shopbottools.com Computer-controlled Personal Robotic     Tools (PRT) and CNC routers for 2D and 3D fabrication.
Shopsmith, Inc. 800-543-7586800-543-7586     www.shopsmith.com Multi-purpose woodworking machines and     other tools and accessories.
Smithy Co. 800-476-4849800-476-4849 www.smithy.com Fit 10 woodworking tools into the space     of a riding mower.
Tech Mark Inc. 800-787-6747800-787-6747     www.rojekusa.com Sells Rojek machinery including saws,     combination machines, shapers, planer/jointers and more.
Universal Laser Systems, Inc. 800-859-7033800-859-7033     www.ulsinc.com/english/index.html Computer-controlled 3D laser engraving,     laser cutting and laser marking systems.
Viel Tools, Inc. 800-915-2601800-915-2601 No Web Site Available Make your own shaper and molder knives     with profile copying and grinding machines.
Wilke Machinery Co. 800-235-2100800-235-2100     www.wilkemach.com Wilke Machine carries a full line of     Bridgewood, Yorkcraft, and WMC woodworking tools
Williams & Hussey Machine Co. 800-258-1380800-258-1380     www.williamhussey.com Manufactures the W & H Molder for     contractors, cabinetmakers or restoration specialties.
Wood-Mizer 800-553-0182800-553-0182     www.woodmizer.com World’s leading manufacturer of portable     sawmills.
Woodmaster Tools, Inc. 800-821-6651800-821-6651     www.woodmastertools.com A line of commercial-duty drum sanders     and planer/molder/sander/saws.
Woodstock International, Inc. 800-840-8420800-840-8420     www.woodstockinternational.com Their SHOP FOX line of machinery carries     a full two-year warranty.  

Portable Power Tools

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A & I Supply 800-260-2647800-260-2647     www.ai-supply.com/wood.asp Brand name tools, equipment and supplies     for woodworkers and a variety of trade applications.
Advanced Machinery 800-727-6553800-727-6553     www.advmachinery.com A one-stop portal for exclusive     woodworking, scrolling, clamping and finishing specialty equipment.
All Pro Tools 888-425-5776888-425-5776     www.allprotools.com A seller of major brand portable tools     for woodworking and industrial applications.
Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. 888-900-4857888-900-4857 www.hvlp.com Offers a wide selection of TrueHVLP     turbine sprayers and air conversion spray guns.
Arrow Fastener Company, Inc. 201-843-6900201-843-6900     www.arrowfastener.com Arrow manufactures and distributes      staplers, rivet tools, nail guns and hot glue guns.
Beaver Tools 800-365-6677800-365-6677     www.beavertools.com Sells the Windstorm™ Pneumatic Air     Router that helps reduce user fatigue.
Black & Decker Corp. 800-544-6986800-544-6986     www.blackanddecker.com A global manufacturer of power tools and     accessories, hardware and home improvement products.
(Robert) Bosch Tool Corp. 877-267-2499877-267-2499     www.boschtools.com Manufactures woodworking power tools for     professionals and hobbyist woodworkers.
Campbell Hausfeld 888-247-6937888-247-6937 www.chpower.com Manufactures air compressors, air tools,     air nailers, painting systems, pressure washers and welders.
Craftsman Tools 800-549-4505800-549-4505     www.sears.com/craftsman Distributes a broad line of portable and     stationary professional woodworking tools.
DeVilbiss Air Power Co. 888-992-4657888-992-4657     www.devilbiss.com DeVilbiss offers fine spray guns, tanks,     cups and accessories for the finishing industry.
DeWalt Tool Company 800-433-9258800-433-9258 www.dewalt.com DeWalt offers more than1,000 electric     and cordless power tools and related accessories.
Dremel 800-437-3635800-437-3635 www.drelem.com Dremel® rotary tools cut, sand, shape,     drill, buff, grind, polish, rout, etch, clean and more.
Drill Doctor 800-597-6170800-597-6170 www.drilldr.com Restore worn drill bits to factory-sharp     condition in under a minute using Drill Doctor sharpeners.
Epilog Laser 888-437-4564888-437-4564     www.epiloglaser.com Engrave and cut wood with one CO² laser     engraving and cutting system and your computer.
Fein Power Tools 800-441-9878800-441-9878 www.feinus.com Innovators of precision power tools     since 1895.  FEIN tools are noted for superior ergonomic design.
Festool 888-337-8600888-337-8600     www.festool-usa.com Professional quality jigsaws, drills,     routers, planers, vacuums and Systainer and Sortainer organizers.
Fuji Spray Equipment 800-650-0930800-650-0930     www.fujispray.com North American makers of HVLP     self-contained spray systems with spray gun, turbine and hose.
Hitachi Power Tools (USA) 800-829-4752800-829-4752     www.hitachi.com/powertools Manufactures, distributes and services a     complete line of heavy duty woodworking tools.
JN Equipment 800-338-1042800-338-1042     www.jnequipment.com Manufactures pressure cleaners or     washers, paint sprayers, generators and repair parts.
Kremlin, Inc. 800-573-5554800-573-5554     www.ekremlin.com Manufacturers Airmix® manual and     automatic spray guns and high efficiency pumps.
MAFELL North America 888-736-3812888-736-3812 www.mafell.com Timber framing and woodworking tools for     sawing, drilling, sanding, planing, mortising and routing.
Makita U.S.A., Inc. 800-462-5482800-462-5482     www.makitatools.com A leading manufacturer of over 320     professional, industrial quality power tools for woodworkers.
Max USA Corp. 800-223-4293800-223-4293     www.MaxUSACorp.com Sells a comprehensive line of staplers,     nailers and related products.
McCulloch Corp. 800-521-8559800-521-8559     www.mcculochpower.com A full line of corded and cordless     woodworking tools, heat guns, rotary hobby tools and more.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation 800-729-3878800-729-3878     www.milwaukeetools.com Sell a complete line of corded and     cordless tools for woodworking and trade applications.
Panasonic Power Tools 800-338-0552800-338-0552     www.panasonic.com/     consumer_electronics/     bp_cordless_tools Offers a comprehensive line of     professional cordless woodworking tools and accessories.
Paslode 800-222-6990800-222-6990 www.paslode.com Leading manufacturer of cordless and     pneumatic nailers, staplers, trim tools, nails and staples.
Rockler Woodworking & Hardware 800-279-4441800-279-4441 www.rockler.com In addition to a wide variety of     accessories and supplies, Rockler sells routers, biscuit jointers and     mortising machines.  
Ryobi Technologies, Inc. 800-525=2579     www.ryobitools.com A leader in affordable portable power     tools available exclusively at The Home Depot®.
Senco Products, Inc. 800-543-4596800-543-4596 www.senco.com Offers a full selection of pneumatic     nail guns, staplers and fastening supplies for woodworking.
Shop-Vac 570-326-3557570-326-3557 www.shopvac.com A recognized world leader in wet/dry     vacs, through innovative and advanced vacuum technology.
Skil Power Tools 877-754-5999877-754-5999 www.skil.com Sells a complete line of affordably     priced woodworking and home improvement tools.
Stanley Bostitch 800-556-6696800-556-6696     www.stanleybostitch.com Manufactures top quality, innovative     fastening tools and fasteners in several finishes.
Triton 888-874-8661888-874-8661     www.tritonwoodworking.com An Australian company that manufactures     a line of routers, drills, breathing hoods, lumber racks and tool stands for     woodworking hobbyist.
Turbinaire 800-866-4857800-866-4857     www.turbinaire.com Turbinaire offers a complete line of     HVLP spray equipment and turbine powered systems as will as a line of     washers and paint tanks.
Vac-U-Clamp 888-342-8262888-342-8262     www.vac-u-clamp.com Vac-U-Clamp is dedicated to engineering     vacuum-driven veneering, laminating and forming systems designed especially     for woodworking.
Vacuum Pressing Systems, Inc. 207-725-0935207-725-0935     www.vacupress.com Offers a range of vacuum-based veneering     and laminating solutions, including a complete line of pumps and veneer     presses.
Wagner Spray Tech Corp. 763-519-3555763-519-3555     www.dcmsoft.com/wagner/index Wagner Spray Tech Corp. markets a wide     array of painting and decorating products and services to make painting and     finishing easier.

Hand Tools

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Adjustable Clamp Co. 312-666-0640312-666-0640     www.adjustableclamp.com Manufactures Jorgensen handscrews, Pony     and Adjustable brand clamps.
American Clamping Co. 800-828-1004800-828-1004     www.jamesmorton.com Bessey and American Clamping have grown     into the largest clamp maker in the world.
Bridge City Tool Works 800-253-3332800-253-3332     www.bridgecitytools.com Maker of fine quality hand planes and     tools.
Cutting Edge, Inc. 800-790-7980800-790-7980     www.cuttingedgetools.com Provider of woodturning, woodcarving and     hand tools, chisels and sharpening supplies.
Engraving Arts 877-231-9973877-231-9973     www.engravingarts.com Creates custom heavy-duty and     industrial-duty branding irons.
General Tools Mfg. Co. 212-431-6100212-431-6100     www.generaltools.com Specialty hand tools, including     measuring and marking tools.
Gross Stabil Corp. 517-279-8040517-279-8040     www.grossstable.com Specializing in high quality clamps,     casters, glides and bases for the furniture industry.
Handy Sander, Corp. 800-381-8622800-381-8622     www.handysander.com Makers of a flexible hand-sanding tool.
High-Noon Woodworks 888-404-6903888-404-6903     www.highnoonwoodworks.com Torch-heated and electric branding     irons.
Japan Woodworker 800-573-7820800-573-7820     www.thejapanwoodworker.com Specializing in handmade Japanese     woodworking tools, garden tools and cutlery.
Klein Tools 800-553-4476800-553-4476     www.kleintools.com Since 1857 Klein has manufactured high     quality pliers, cutting tools and protective gear for industry.
Leatherman Tool Group 800-847-8665800-847-8665     www.leatherman.com Compact multi-purpose tools with 25 year     guarantee.
Lee Valley Tools 800-267-8735800-267-8735     www.leevalley.com Offers a full line of Veritas® hand     tools plus other woodworking tools, accessories and supplies.
Manny’s Woodworkers Place 800-243-0713800-243-0713     www.mannyswoodworkersplace.com Sells heavy-duty pencil compasses plus     many other measuring and marking tools.
Rockler Woodworking & Hardware 800-279-4441800-279-4441 www.rockler.com Rockler sells a wide variety of hand     tools and woodworking supplies and accessories.
The L.S. Starrett Co. 978-249-3551978-249-3551     www.starrett.com Starrett, founded in 1880, manufactures     more than 5,000 variations of precision tools.
Wetzler Clamp Co. 800-451-1852800-451-1852 www.wetzler.com Manufactures fine clamps for woodworking     and metalworking.
Wilton Tools 888-804-7129888-804-7129     www.wiltoncorp.com Offers a line of benchtop power tools,     woodworking hand tools and metalworking tools.

Workshop Accessories

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A & M Hardware, Inc. 888-647-0200888-647-0200     www.aandmhardware.com Cantilever support brackets that handle     more than 1,000 pounds.  Available in four sizes and colors.
Accurate Technology, Inc. 828-654-7920828-654-7920     www.digi-kit.com Digital retrofit indexing kit for table     saw rip fences, and digital stop and fence systems.
Accurate Woodworking Tools 920-589-4010920-589-4010     www.accuratewoodtools.com The Accurate Guide is a router accessory     for cutting dadoes or dovetail slots.
Advanced Measuring Systems 800-428-9898800-428-9898     www.redmond-machinery.com Supplier of the Loc-Stop precision     measuring system.
Airware America 800-328-1792800-328-1792     www.airwareamerica.com Health and safety products, including     the Airshield visor with dust filtration.
Beall Tool Company 800-331-4718800-331-4718     www.bealtool.com Maker of innovative woodturning supplies     including the Beall Wood Threader router fixture.
Bench Dog, Inc. 800-786-8902800-786-8902     www.benchdog.com Manufactures router tables, inserts and     other power tool accessories.
Biesemeyer Manufacturing 800-782-1831800-782-1831     www.biesemeyer.com Offers a full line of table saw     accessories including precision rip fences for most saw models.
BrandNew Industries, Inc. 800-964-8251800-964-8251     www.brandnew.net Manufactures custom branding irons for     woodworkers and industrial users since 1989.  Sign your woodworking project     with a custom made brand.
Carter Products Co., Inc. 888-622-7837888-622-7837     www.carterproducts.com Designs precision band saw guides, blade     releases, CAD projection devices and more.
Craftsman Gallery 866-966-3728866-966-3728     www.thecraftsmangallery.com Supplier of WoodRat joinery machines,     plunge bars, router bits and other router accessories.
CRB Systems, Inc. 800-251-0544800-251-0544     www.downdrafter.com Manufactures Downdrafter™ miter saw dust     collectors sold exclusively through Rousseau Co.
Dial-A-Dado 801-773-4440801-773-4440     www.dial-a-dado.com Cut variable width dadoes with     Dial-A-Dado router base.  Allows for nearly infinite adjustment for perfect     fitting dadoes every time.
De-Sta-Co Industries, Inc. 248-733-5800248-733-5800     www.destaco.com/indexbody.html A leader in the design and manufacture     of manual toggle clamps and gripping devices.
Diamond Machining Technology, Inc. (DMT) 800-666-4368800-666-4368     www.dmtsharp.com Designs and manufactures     diamond-impregnated and ceramic edge-sharpening tools.
EO Manufacturing 877-734-3273877-734-3273 No Web Site Available Screwdriver bits designed to countersink     and drive Phillips screws without changing bits.
Flexaust Co. 800-343-0428800-343-0428     www.flexaust.com A manufacturer of flexible, lightweight     hoses and ducts for industrial applications.
Gladiator Garage Works 866-342-4089866-342-4089     www.gladiatorgw.com Offers a modular system of cabinets and     workbenches for organizing garages or shops.
Granberg International 866-233-6499866-233-6499     www.granberg.com Offers saw chain maintenance tools and     attachments for chain saws.
Haddon Tools 888-705-1911888-705-1911     www.haddontools.com Designs chain saw lumber making tools     for woodworkers and log home builders.
HTC Products 800-624-2027800-624-2027 No Web Site Available Mobile bases, support tables, stands and     shop accessories.
Inca Corporation 310-808-0001310-808-0001     www.inca-tvlifts.com Offers a complete line of TV lifts,     pullouts and swivel systems.
JessEm Tool Co. 866-272-7492866-272-7492 www.jessem.com Router accessories: Rout-R-Lift™ and     Mast-R-Lift™ series.
JoinTech, Inc. 800-619-1288800-619-1288     www.jointech.com Bringing precision woodworking fences to     router tables, table saws, drill presses and more.
Journeyman Tool Co. 920-485-0350920-485-0350     www.journeymantool.com BeadLOCK™ loose tenon joinery system for     making mortise and tenon joints with a hand drill.
Kay Industries 800-348-5257800-348-5257 www.kayind.com Operate 3-phase machines from     single-phase supply with Phasemaster® Rotary Converters.
Keller & Co. 800-995-2456800-995-2456     www.kellerdovetail.com Offers Keller dovetail jigs that come     with standard dovetail and straight carbide-tipped bits.
Kreg Tool Co. 800-447-8638800-447-8638     www.kregtool.com Supplies a full line of pocket-hole     joinery systems and other woodworking accessories.
Laserkerf 859-494-0790859-494-0790     www.laserkerf.com Sells a retrofit laser guide accessory     for miter and radial arm saws.
Leigh Industries Ltd. 800-663-8932800-663-8932     www.leighjigs.com Offers a complete line of joinery tools     including the Frame Mortise and Tenon Jig.
Lignomat USA Ltd. 800-227-2105800-227-2105     www.lignomat.com Handheld and pinless moisture meters.      Also in-line moisture meters and dry kilns.
MasterGage 888-893-8300888-893-8300     www.mastergage.com Designs and manufactures precision setup     gauges for woodworking machines.
Micro Fence 800-480-6427800-480-6427     www.microfence.com Micro Fence edge-guide system turns a     handheld router into a milling machine.
Micro Jig, Inc. 407-696-6695407-696-6695     www.microjig.com Offers the innovative GRR-Ripper®      pushing tool for feeding wood through machines.
Mule Cabinetmaker Machine 877-684-7366877-684-7366 www.mulecab.com Providing table saw accessories such as     the Accusquare Fence for over 20 years.
Osborne Manufacturing 800-852-9655800-852-9655     www.osbornemfg.com Manufactures the EB-2 aftermarket     precision table saw miter gauge.
Practical Technologies     http://practical-technologies.com Multi-Function Router Base Plate and     Circle Jig for cutting in a range of sizes.
Quality VAKuum Products 800-547-5484800-547-5484     www.qualityvak.com Sells pneumatic and electric vacuum     systems and accessories for woodworking.
Rockler Woodworking & Hardware 800-279-4441800-279-4441 www.rockler.com Rockler sells a wide variety of     proprietary and aftermarket accessories for woodworking.
Rousseau Co. 800-635-3416800-635-3416     www.rousseauco.com Woodworking and contractor tool     accessories: router and saw tables.
Simp’l Products 914-662-2820914-662-2820     www.woodjigs.com Makers of easy-to-use, economical jigs     for sawing and joint making.
Sommerfeld’s Tools for Wood 888-228-9268888-228-9268     www.sommerfeldtools.com Supplier of Industrio™ Routing System,     CMT woodworking tools and more.
Storage2 Systems 610-409-0985610-409-0985     www.storage2systems.com Modular panel and bracket systems for     organizing.
Stots Corp. www.stots.com Manufacturers of “unique patented     woodworking tools”.
Taylor Design Group, Inc. 972-242-9975972-242-9975 www.incra.com Designs a full line of Incra precision     dovetail jigs, tool fences and measuring and marking tools.
Tormek, USA 800-586-7635800-586-7635 www.tormek.com Swedish-made TORMEK is a unique     water-cooled grinding, sharpening and homing system.
Van Dyke’s Restorers 800-787-3355800-787-3355     www.vandykes.com/ Suppliers for woodworkers and antique     restorers.
VersaTool 800-466-6044800-466-6044     www.versatool.com VersaTool Work Center provides an     overhead tool mounting system and work piece hold-down.
Vermont American 800-742-3869800-742-3869     www.vermontamerican.com Manufactures bits, blades, accessories     and hand tools for woodworking and industry.
Waterloo Industries, Inc. 800-833-8851800-833-8851     www.waterlooindustries.com Tool Dock™ is a modular shop storage     system using interchangeable tool-mount inserts.
Wooden Post, Inc 888-595-7126888-595-7126     http://woodenpost.com A complete line of Ring Master turning     tools, mini lathes and other turning supplies.
Woodhaven 800-344-6657800-344-6657     www.woodhaven.com Woodhaven manufactures and sells a full     line of accessories and jigs for saws and routers.

Woodworking Supplies

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A & M Wood Specialties 800-265-2759800-265-2759     www.amwoodinc.com Wood and wood products for furniture     making, instrument making, turning and carving.
Accuride International, Inc. 562-903-0200562-903-0200     www.accuride.com Precision slides.
Adams Wood Products, Ltd. 423-903-2942423-903-2942     www.adamswoodproducts.com Wood components.
Ball and Ball 800-257-3711800-257-3711     www.ballandball-us.com Antique hardware and reproductions.
Ballew Saw & Tools, Inc. 800-288-7483800-288-7483     www.ballewsaw.com/default.htm One of the Largest Selections of     Professional Woodworking Tools Online.
Berea HardWoods Co., Inc. 877-736-5487877-736-5487     www.bereahardwoods.com Writing instrument kits.
Blum Inc. 800-438-6788800-438-6788 www.blum.com Drawer slide hardware, concealed hinges     and organizers.
Boulter Plywood Corp. 617-666-1340617-666-1340     www.boulterplywood.com Hardwoods, marine lumber and plywood.
Bristol Valley Hardwoods 800-724-0132800-724-0132     www.bristolvalley.com Hardwood, JET and Freud products.
Briwax Woodcare Products 800-274-9299800-274-9299     www.briwaxwoodcare.com Briwax products restores and     reconditions fine furniture.
Bye Gone Workshop 888-279-3941888-279-3941     http://eshop.wmis.net/~byegone Wrought-iron wheels and axles for cart,     wagon and buckboard plans.
Cab Parts 970-241-7682970-241-7682     www.Cabparts.com/main.html Cabinets in melamine of MDF.
Classic Designs By Matthew Burak 800-843-7405800-843-7405     www.tablelegs.com Table legs in a variety of styles.
Columbia Forest Products 800-231-4148800-231-4148     www.columbiaforestproducts.com Veneer, plywood, laminates.
Constantine’s 800-223-8087800-223-8087     www.constantines.com Offers an outstanding selection of     products for woodworkers, including books, plans, tools, videos and a     variety of special products.
Country Accents 570-478-4127570-478-4127     www.piercedtin.com Hand-punched tin panels.
Davis Instrument, Corp. 510-732-9229510-732-9229     www.davisnet.com Weather monitoring stations.
Deft, Inc. 800-458-3338800-458-3338     www.deftfinishes.com Stains and finishing products.
Delmhorst Instruments Co. 877-335-6467877-335-6467     www.delmhorst.com Designs and makes moisture meters for     woodworkers and other industrial applications.
Delphi Stained Glass 800-248-2048800-248-2048     www.delphiglass.com Stained glass and beads.
DonJer Products, Corp. 800-336-6537800-336-6537 www.donjer.com Rayon flock fibers.
Econ Abrasives 800-367-4101800-367-4101     www.econabrasives.com Abrasives and specialized finishing     products.
Elmer’s Products, inc. 800-848-9400800-848-9400 www.elmers.com Glues and wood fillers.
Empire Manufacturing 800-700-5823800-700-5823     www.empiremfg.com Lubrication and rust prevention.
Franklin International 800-877-4583800-877-4583     www.franklininternational.com Titebond® adhesives and the HiPURformer     Advanced Bonding System.
Furniture Designs, Inc. 800-657-7692800-657-7692     www.furnituredesigns.com Full-sized furniture plans.
Gorilla Glue 800-966-3458800-966-3458     www.gorillaglue.com Glue bonds to wood, stone, metal,     ceramic, concrete, etc.
Hut Products 800-547-5461800-547-5461     www.hutproducts.com Supplier of pen blanks.
Klingspor Abrasives, Inc. 800-645-5555800-645-5555     www.klingspor.com Sanding and grinding products.
Klockit 800-556-2548800-556-2548 www.klockit.com World’s leading supplier to clockmakers     for over 30 years.
Linden Publishing, Inc. 800-345-4447800-345-4447     www.lindenpub.com Books, plans, videos and more.
McFeely’s 800-443-7937800-443-7937     www.mcfeelys.com One of the best sources of wood working     information, as well as Square Drive Screws and other hardware.
Miller Dowel Company 866-966-3734866-966-3734     www.millerdowel.com Joinery systems.
Murray Bros. Supply, Inc. 888-946-7819888-946-7819     www.woodkitsandplans.com Wood kits and plans.
Norton Abrasives 800-551-4415800-551-4415     www.nortonabrasives.com Coated abrasives.
Olympic Paints & Stains 800-441-9695800-441-9695     www.ppg.com/ppgaf/olympic Sealants, paints and stains.
Peachtree Woodworking Supply, Inc. 888-512-9069888-512-9069     www.ptreeusa.com/index.htm One stop woodworking supply house.
Penn State Industries 800-377-7297800-377-7297     www.pennstateind.com/ Woodturning and dust collecting source.
Polymeric Systems, Inc. 800-228-5548800-228-5548     www.polymericsystems.com Sealants, caulks and epoxies.
Rockler Woodworking & Hardware 800-279-4441800-279-4441 www.rockler.com Supplies and lumber; many unique     proprietary products.
Rust-Oleum 800-323-3584800-323-3584     www.rustoleum.com Protective paints and coatings.
Schlabaugh & Sons 800-346-9663800-346-9663     www.schsons.com/ Fine in already built clocks, picture     frames and many more items, or finished kits and supplies. 
Screw Products, Inc. 800-844-8880800-844-8880     www.screw-products.com Hardened steel wood screws.
Specialty Furniture Designs 800-892-4026800-892-4026     www.specialtyfurnituredesigns.com Furniture and accessories plans.
Star 10, Inc. 800-726-4319800-726-4319 www.starten.com Environmentally friendly paint stripping     products.
System Three Resins, Inc. 800-333-5514800-333-5514     www.systemthree.com Adhesives, coatings and wood repair     products.
United Gilsonite Laboratories (UGL) 800-272-3235800-272-3235 www.ugl.com Paint specialty products,  including ZAR®       finishes and stains.
Valspar Corp. 612-332-7371612-332-7371 www.valspar.com Wood stains and specialty coatings.
Village Originals 800-899-1314800-899-1314     www.villageseiko.com/Village Clock movements and supplies.
Waterlox 800-321-0377800-321-0377     www.waterlox.com Tung oil and resin finishes.
West System/Epoxy Heads 989-684-6881989-684-6881 www.gougeon.com West System® epoxy and Pro-Set® brand     epoxy systems.
Woodcraft 800-225-1153800-225-1153      www.woodcraft.com/about.aspx Woodcraft Supply Corp. is one of the     nation’s oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and     supplies.
Wood River Veneer 800-875-7084800-875-7084     www.woodriverveneer.com Panels and veneered doors.
Zinsser 732-469-8100732-469-8100 www.zinsser.com Sealers, stains and primers;     quick-drying dewaxed shellac.

Domestic and Exotic Hardwoods, and Plywood

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Alva Hardwoods 888-894-6229888-894-6229     www.alvahardwoods.com Florida’s most comprehensive, highest     quality, customer selected domestic and exotic woods.
Badger Hardwoods of Wisconsin, Ltd. 800-252-2373800-252-2373     www.badgerwood.com Domestic and imported hardwoods and     softwoods.
Boulter Plywood Corp. 617-666-1340617-666-1340     www.boulterplywood.com Hardwoods, marine lumber and plywood.
Bristol Valley Hardwoods 800-724-0132800-724-0132     www.bristolvalley.com Hardwood.
Dunham Hardwoods 712-643-5320712-643-5320     www.dunham-hardwoods.com Large width hardwoods.
Gilmer Wood Company 888-667-3979888-667-3979     www.gilmerwood.com Lumber, carving blanks and nuts.
Hardwoods of Michigan 800-327-2812800-327-2812     www.shipaboard.com Complete inventory of hardwood.
Hearne Hardwood, Inc. 888-814-0007888-814-0007     www.hearnehardwoods.com 110 species of hardwoods from all over     the world and over    1 million board feet of lumber.
MacBeath Hardwoods Co. 800-479-9907800-479-9907     www.macbeath.com Hardwood, plywood and hardwood veneer.
Newton Woods 559-277-8456559-277-8456     www.walnutwoods.net Green stock; figured burls.
Niagara Lumber 800-274-0397800-274-0397     www.niagaralumber.com Hardwoods, moldings and laminates.
Northland Forest Products 603-642-8275603-642-8275     www.northlandforest.com Hardwoods.
Osborne Wood Products, Inc. 800-849-8876800-849-8876     www.osbornewood.com Hardwood and custom wood parts.
Quality Plywood Specialties, Inc. 888-722-1181888-722-1181     www.qualityplywoodspec.com Plywood, hardwood, veneer, edge tape,     overlays, particle board and fiberboard at wholesale prices to Florida West     Coast Woodworkers Club members.
Roberts Hardwood Lumber & Building     Supply, Inc. 941-926-9663941-926-9663 No Web Site Available Local supplier of domestic and imported     hardwood; offers a 10% discount to Florida West Coast Woodworkers Club     members.
West Penn Hardwoods 888-636-9663888-636-9663     www.westpennhardwoods.com Figured and quartersawn stock.
Willard Brothers Lumber 800-320-6519800-320-6519     www.willardbrothers.net Exotic and domestic lumber.
Woodcraft 800-225-1153800-225-1153      www.woodcraft.com/about.aspx Woodcraft Supply Corp. carries     hardwoods, softwoods, turning stock and other products in their local     stores.
Wood-Ply Lumber Corp. 800-354-9002800-354-9002 www.woodply.com Hardwoods as well as plywood.
Woodworker’s Source, Inc. 800-423-2450800-423-2450     www.woodworkerssource.net Exotic and domestic lumber.


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Armor Crafts Woodworking Plans 800-292-8296800-292-8296     www.armorplans.com Plans, hardware, clocks, etc.
Cherry Tree toys 800-848-4363800-848-4363     www.cherrytree-online.com Patterns, parts and craft supplies.
Cupboard Distributing 937-652-3338937-652-3338 www.cdwood.com Woodworking and craft plans.
Eagle Tools 323-999-2909323-999-2909     www.eagle-tools.com Seller of machinery.
Highland Hardware 800-241-6748800-241-6748     www.highlandwoodworking.com Woodworking tools and supplies.
Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop 800-228-0000800-228-0000     www.woodworkingshop.com Abrasives, tools and supplies.
Klockit 800-556-2548800-556-2548 www.klockit.com A full line of kits and parts.
Librawood 716-881-5661716-881-5661     www.librawood.com Bits, blades, tools and more.
McFeely’s Square Drive Screws 800-443-7937800-443-7937     www.mcfeelys.com Screws and fasteners.
Meisel Hardware 800-441-9870800-441-9870     www.meiselwoodhobby.com Over 1,000 plans, plus hardware.
Peck Tool Company 303-440-5480303-440-5480     www.pecktool.com Importers of fine hand tools.
Red Hill Corporation 717-337-3038717-337-3038     www.supergrit.com Abrasives and refinishing.
Rockler Woodworking & Hardware 800-279-4441800-279-4441 www.rockler.com Premier supplier of hardware, tools,     plans and supplies.
S. LaRose, Inc. 336-621-1936336-621-1936 www.slarose.com Watch and clockmaking supplies.
Tool Crib of the North 800-635-5140800-635-5140     www.toolcribofthenorth.com Power tools and accessories.
Toolbarn.Com 866-597-3850866-597-3850     www.toolbarn.com Tools, fasteners, and accessories.
U-Bild Woodworking Plans 800-828-2453800-828-2453 www.ubild.com Plans, projects and patterns for all     skill levels.
Wildwood designs, Inc. 800-470-9090800-470-9090     www.wildwooddesigns.com Scrollsaw patterns and supplies.
Winfield Collection, Inc. 800-946-3435800-946-3435     www.thewinfieldcollection.com Thousands of project plans.
Wood-Mark Woodworking Supplies     www.stores.ebay.com/wood-mark-woodworking-supplies Books, videos and tools.
Woodcraft 800-225-1153800-225-1153      www.woodcraft.com/about.aspx Woodcraft Supply Corp. is one of the     nation’s oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and     supplies.
Woodcraft Plans 800-296-6256800-296-6256     www.woodcraftplans.com Detailed plans and patterns.
Woodcrafter’s Supply, Inc. 412-367-4330412-367-4330     www.woodcrafterssupply.com Lumber, tools and supplies.
Woodpeckers, Inc. 800-752-0725800-752-0725     www.woodpeck.com Incra: router accessories.
Woodturners Inc. 877-603-9663877-603-9663     www.woodturners.on.ca/ Furniture kits, Kreg® Jigs and more.
Woodworker’s Choice 800-892-4866800-892-4866     www.thewoodworkerschoice.som Tools and accessories.
Woodworker’s Depot 800-891-9003800-891-9003     www.woodworkersdepot.com Catalog stores with tool repair.